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Where are you located?

We are located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and are life-long Saskatchewan residents with ties to rural Saskatchewan towns.  We are a home-based business, serving primarily, rural and urban Saskatchewan. 

We do not have a store front at this time and are not open to the public; we work from our home located workshop in the NW of Regina SK.  Please call 1-306-435-8070 or email us at with questions. 


Please ignore Google Maps locations for our business, as anyone can edit these and we have found them to be incorrect. 

We will disclose our correct home location with you via email upon confirmation of an order for pickup.

We can arrange custom shipping to customers within Canada and free pickup within Regina, Saskatchewan.  In many cases, we can also deliver large orders for free within the Regina area.  Please email us for details. 

Can you engrave items I provide?

Yes, often it is possible to engrave items provided by you, but this depends on material, shape and size.  We engrave many custom objects, including Yeti products.  The best way to find out if we can engrave your custom item is to send us an email with a photo of the item and your request with a description of the design you wish to be engraved.  You may also call us.

First ensure the material is something we could work with.  If it is a material we can work with, please send us an email with the size dimensions of the item, with a photo and description of what you'd like engraved. 

We also can work with you to source and supply items for engraving.

Please note that trademarked logos can not be engraved unless you have the rights to use the logo. 

What Else Do You Engrave?

Besides the items offered in your catalogs (Polar Camel Drinkware, Engravable Gifts, Engravable Leatherette), what items do you engrave?

In addition to the numerous custom items we can engrave, we also commonly engrave Contigo, Yeti, Brümate, Thermos products.

We also engrave wooden, metal, LED acrylic and stone signs.

All glassware, such as drinking glasses, whiskey glasses, champagne flutes, wine glasses and stemless wine glasses.

Please send us an email if you wish to understand some of the items we could engrave for you. 


A vast majority of the items we engrave for customers are unique or custom items.  In order to understand the pricing of such items, please send us an email with a description and photo of the item you wish to be engraved, along with an outline of what else you wish to have engraved (i.e. text or image).

We typically reply to all emails within 24 business hours.

How do you Charge?

Engraving charges are based on a number of factors, and because of the custom nature, most projects require a custom quote:

First, please note that we are eager to work with you and would love if you reached out via email or phone (1-306-435-8070) to contact us with any of your questions.

1. Cost of the base item: items provided in our catalogs (Polar Camel Drinkware, Engravable Gifts, Engravable Leatherette) are typically the most cost effective items to engrave.  Please follow these links as you may be quite impressed with the variety of options these catalogs offer.


The reason items we commonly offer are generally the most cost effective is because custom items, often require time intensive process on our end, to develop the correct measurements and laser settings to get you the best engraving possible for your custom item.


Quality and your satisfaction is our utmost priority, so we do not sacrifice quality when time invested on our end can produce for you a more appealing product. 


For items we provide in our catalogs, this time extensive set-up process, has already been resolved, and hence, these items, are typically more cost effective.

2. Complexity of design: a set of identical items with the same logo or image/text will be more cost effective than an order of individual items with separate logos/images or text required for each. 


We offer discounts to our catalog products in certain quantities; we also offer large discounts for multiple identical items with the same logo or text. 


Due to the custom nature of laser engraving, a custom quote is usually required.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  A custom gift is usually much appreciated by your recipients, so the time required to request a custom quote will be well worth the effort.   In this day of "gift certificates", your efforts to create a custom gift will surely be appreciated.

3. Please review our catalogs for items we provide (Polar Camel Drinkware, Engravable Gifts, Engravable Leatherette), or items we commonly engrave, (Contigo, Yeti, Brümate, Thermos) products; and send us an email with the SKU of the item you are interested in, with a link to the image/logo you wish (if desired) with the text you want engraved and we will issue you a quote for the work. 


If you wish to have an item engraved that is not part of our commonly engraved items, send us an email with a photo and dimensions of the item you wish to engrave, along with what logo or text you wish to have engraved.  We will promptly reply within business hours.


Images for personal use can be selected from Shutterstock or Vectorstock and sent to us in an email via link with your request for a quote.  If the quote is accepted by the customer, we will purchase the image on your behalf from Shutterstock or Vectorstock. 


​​We can work with high quality logos created by your graphic designer (vectors are best - usually ending in .svg, .eps, .ai).


We own one of the most versatile, high powered laser engravers in the business - this offers you the sharpest engraving and best available customization.  Our Epilog laser engraver is renowned in the engraving business as being one of the top lasers for high quality, high dpi, engraving.


We can often purchase images from Shutterstock or Vectorstock for use in your personal design. 


Find something you like (click Shutterstock or Vectorstock) and email us the link of the image you like with the product you are interested in engraving.  We can normally purchase the image on your behalf for use in your custom engraving product.

Personal Photos can also be used to engrave a select amount of materials.

Note: Poor resolution images are usually not suited to creating a good engraving. 


We do not offer extensive graphic design services, so if you have a business logo you wish to use, it must already be of a high resolution or a vector


We can make minor edits to optimize your logo, but extensive edits may not be possible, depending on the state of the file (resolution) you have.  To find out if your logo is something we can use... please send us an email with your logo.  If you still have contact with your graphic design artist, please ask them for a vector version of your logo and send that to us in your email.


We will be able to answer any questions you may have as to whether the resolution or format is able to be engraved on the material you request. 


Typically, when we receive a call or email with your request, we will reply and based on your interest, we can then progress by sending you a graphic document with various mock-up options for graphics or text, based on your request. You can then select the design you prefer to be engraved or provide further feedback for changes. 


We work with you to alter the design to be exactly the engraving you desire, before confirming the order for engraving.  We offer a very customized process and will work with you to get the best result, true to your concept.


Our goal at the Laser's Edge Engraving, is to work with you to provide a custom design that you can be proud to own or give as a gift.

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